Cary Thanksgiving 2020

It’s that time of year again. A time that friends and family from around Florida and nearby states come together to celebrate Thanksgiving. A time to eat, drink, be merry and enjoy each other’s company. Here’s a photo journal from the day.

Here is “hands down” the hardest worker who puts the majority of the planning, recipe making, and cooking into each thanksgiving; my mother. Here she is opening bottles of wine for her guests. It’s one of the rare occasions I can actually shoot a photo of her. The rest of the time she is moving too quickly for me to get a shot.

Margie and Billy were in attendance for the occasion!

As well as Joanie and Ken!

Kevin & Lauren (Plus Family) drove from Charlotte to pay us a visit!

McKenna and Joanie watch the parade on TV

McKenna earns the award for coolest T shirt of the day. Any cat lover would agree…

Alden with his own personal bowl of mashed potatoes! 😉

Dad and Lauren were hard at work helping Mom get all the food ready. Special thanks to all who pitched in!

I really enjoy capturing candid moments such as these…

My brother, my mother and her brother


It’s great when a group photo comes together well!

I said “everyone make a goofy face!” This crowd nailed it!

Arlene, Haydon & Elysce arrived after celebrating Thanksgiving in Orange Park. Here is Alden and Haydon trying to catch a weird football/frisbee hybrid thingy

Elysce Made for a great quarterback!

THROWBACK TO 2016 – Came across a couple extras of the kids. Here’s Alden and Elysce playing Badminton

The Kids Table…

The Kids Table Part 2!

That’s all for now! Till next time…